Milestones are colored according to their current completion status. After the alpha release, new beta goals will be introduced for existing milestones as appropriate.

Game engine

Character control and mechanics

System Status Milestone
Basic character control Alpha Alpha
Health drops / pickups Alpha Alpha
Ammo pickups Alpha
Health upgrades Alpha
Suit upgrades Beta
Dying / retrying Alpha

Weapons / tools

System Status Milestone
Basic projectile weapon Alpha Alpha
Pulse width modulator Beta
Gun firepower upgrades Beta
Scooter Alpha Alpha
Bomb Alpha Alpha
Bomb upgrades Beta
Missile Alpha Alpha
Missile upgrades Beta
Sonar beam In progress Beta
Sonar beam upgrades Beta
Flame thrower Beta
Flame thrower upgrades Beta
Grappling hook Beta
Grappling hook upgrades Beta
High / double jump Beta

Game world simulation

System Status Milestone
Tiled map editor support Finished Alpha
Physics engine integration Finished Alpha
Destructible terrain Alpha Alpha
Doors Alpha Alpha
Enemies In progress Alpha
Camera system Alpha Alpha
NPCs In progress Alpha
Dialogue Alpha
Events Alpha
Saving / loading Alpha


System Status Milestone
Title screen and main menu Alpha
Health status overlay Alpha Alpha
Weapon status overlay Alpha
Mapping system Alpha
Map waypoint system Alpha
Map secret decorations Beta
Map overlay Alpha Alpha
Pause menu Alpha

Content / Assets

System Status Milestone
Basic character animations In progress Alpha
Enemy animations / AI In progress Alpha
Level foregrounds Alpha Alpha
Level backgrounds In progress Alpha
Sound effects In progress Alpha
Music In progress Alpha
Level design In progress Alpha

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