Escape from Enceladus is a Metroidvania-style action / adventure game, currently under development by me, Zach Musgrave, with creative assistance by Roark Brewster.

In Escape from Enceladus, you’ll explore and map a vast subterranean world while overcoming a variety of enemies and alien creatures. You will collect new equipment that lets you explore more territory and kill enemies more easily. And you’ll discover secret passages to find shortcuts, upgrades and new abilities. Escape from Enceladus features sonic environment exploration, a first in the exploration genre, that lets you literally hear secret passages. But each type of destructible rock emits a different tone, and it’s up to you to figure out how to destroy each one.

Escape from Enceladus is coming in 2014 to XBox Live Indie Games and PC. Follow me on Twitter for daily updates and calls for beta testers.

About Zach Musgrave: I’m a professional software developer without any relevant game development experience, just trying to make the best game I can despite having no idea what I’m doing. I work on the game almost every day, and blog my progress as I go. To follow along as I create the game, follow me on Twitter.

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