2D pixel-graphic “motion capture”

Continuing on the same theme from yesterday, I added video processing capability to my homespun de-resolution-izer. Here it is in action with some stock footage I pilfered:

All that remains is to test it on some actual live footage of a dark character moving against a light background. If anyone has some of that lying around, let me know.

Also, I must continue to sing the praises of the graphical Form editor in Visual Basic. At one point today, I wanted to group a bunch of controls into a panel. So I dragged a Panel control over from the toolbox, resized it to fit around all the bits I wanted grouped together… and it just worked. Did exactly what I wanted it to, which was to enclose all the controls into a container that moves as a unit. I really had no idea that designing simple GUIs could be this painless.

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