Someone to fight with

I couldn’t resist pulling in the little crawling guy from Metroid, despite having gotten my hackles up about possible copyright violations just yesterday. Here he is:

He’ll wander in a straight line until he hits something, then turn around. Five shots kills him. Touching him hurts the player, who doesn’t have any visible health at the moment, but you can see the knock-back effect. I quite like it when the player is standing still, but I think the effect of landing on the monster leaves something to be desired. Right now I’m just drawing a line between the two centers of mass, then throwing the character in that direction. This works fine, but it would be better if the player was guaranteed to be knocked out of harm’s way by this effect. There will be a period of invulnerability after a hit, but you don’t want to end up landing on a monster that just damaged you.

The knock-back effect is configurable at runtime via the same mechanism I whipped up earlier, and it took a little tuning to get it looking reasonable. I’m considering making it proportionate to the amount of damage dealt, but I’m not sure how I feel about that. Nobody likes getting flung across the room, except maybe on very special occasions.

I should also mention that the tiles will reappear right on top of the enemy characters at this point — that’s a bug I’ll address tomorrow, along with doing some major clean up work that’s been a long time coming.

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