Fully working holocube

I got the holocube fully working, or as fully working as any feature can be at this early stage of development. Check it out!

There’s now a limit of a single holocube that can be placed at once, and if you place another one the old one shatters. The beam also now knows not to place a cube illegally, where it would overlap with the player or another on-screen entity, and the beam turns red in those circumstances.

I’m currently working on the next collectible upgrade, which is kind of a cross between a rapid fire and a charge shot. Here’s a little preview of me fooling around with firing a shot every single frame. Turns out that’s way too many, but it looks kind of neat.

I’m a little further along with the rapid-fire weapon modifier since I recorded that video, and so far I really like how it’s working out. More on that tomorrow!

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