Prototyping the holocube

True story: I had plans for a power-up that lets you place a tile anywhere you want in the game world, hardly an original idea, before I bought and played Antichamber, a game that explores this mechanic to it fullest. And now I feel like a hack.

Nevertheless, I whipped up a quick prototype of how this tool will project from the player’s weapon to place itself in the game world. Have a look:

As Antichamber explored, being able to alter the landscape in this simple way introduces a huge number of possibilities for puzzle-like lock-and-key mechanics, especially when combined with other tools or weapons or other dynamic game elements. But the simplest use of this thing, which I will be working on first, is just as a stepping stool to let you jump one tile higher, or to allow you to scoot your way into a one-tile-high tunnel that isn’t on the ground — there’s no equivalent of a bomb jump planned, so this will be an important skill to use.

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