All new sound effects!

I finally got around to integrating the game’s sound effects into the audio engine XNA provides so that they’ll mix well with the background music. XNA also makes it pretty straightforward to do interesting things like make 3D sound sources, so that the stereo (left-right) mix of a particular effect will depend on where it happens relative to the character. But that’s for another day. Today, I just focused on getting sound effects for all the in-game events I knew I wanted covered. See how many you can count!

I made all the effects using a nifty tool called SFXR, created for rapid prototyping during a Ludum Dare contest. I don’t know if these will be the final sound effects, but its nice that I can get unique ones whipped up so quickly.

You might also notice bullets bouncing off of things quite a bit — that’s also new. I might make them fade away quite a bit faster in the final game, but I like the effect overall. The simplicity of adding something like that, this late in the engine’s development, is one of the reasons that I’m glad (on the whole) that I used a physics engine instead of ginning something up myself. Although it has caused many frustrations, realistic physics is a really nice bit of polish to be able to slap onto somewhat prosaic gunplay.

One thought on “All new sound effects!

  1. Shit. Awesome. Just don’t get sucked in too deep with inoperable libraries. I have that problem now since I’m programming in GAMBAS. It only runs on Linux distros but not Android. 🙁 The good news is that GAMBAS now supports openal soft, but it’s still platform dependent.

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