Closing the loop on the first mini-boss

I spent the day tying up loose ends with the first mini-boss encounter, the stuff that wasn’t super sexy but essential to game progression. The biggest issue was that I had no facility for monitoring when enemies died, which means I couldn’t trigger a cutscene and unlock the doors when the last one was gone. I also needed to only place the turrets if they hadn’t already been defeated. That’s all taken care of now:

I also made the enemy projectiles shatter when you manage to shoot them out of the air, which feels really satisfying. The turrets still don’t seem to always want to shoot when they should, so I suspect I’ll have to track that down tomorrow before I can do anything else. I’ll also be converting the game’s sound effects to use the XNA audio engine, which the music tracks already do — should make it easier to balance out the volume levels of effects coming from different sources.

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