Probably need to up the difficulty a bit

I got the turret enemies basically fully working, then tried to take them on in the first mini-boss scene. Here’s the whole fight:

Not super challenging, but it is the very first major encounter of the game. The first time I played it through, it was actually super challenging, owing to two factors. First, there was no limit to how fast the turrets could fire, as long as they didn’t have another bullet in the air; second, there was no invulnerability period for the player in between taking hits. These two factors combined to just shred the entire energy meter when the player got into a difficult spot, and I had to fix both these issues before I could consistently beat the first mini-boss of my own game. It feels much nicer this way.

I quite like how the turrets turned out. They won’t try to shoot you until they have a clear line of sight to you, and the speed with which they track you makes it just dangerous enough to be interesting. Later iterations on this enemy will feature much more powerful and difficult to avoid projectiles to keep things challenging when you have a ton of energy.

I also have plans to make these turrets invulnerable except when they open an access hatch to reveal their glowing weak point. Honestly, I think these first enemies are probably challenging enough the way they are at the moment, but it will be a nice upgrade for future turret-type foes.

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