First mini-boss cutscene

The mini-boss itself isn’t actually present, yet. But it’s a little cutscene that triggers when you walk into a certain area of the map (if conditions are met). I tried to scroll through the dialog slowly enough that it’s readable.

The actual mini-boss is going to be a classic (and easy) fight against a mostly stationary gun turret system. Picture the first boss of Contra crossed with the robot boss in Bionic Commando and you’ve about got it.

Notice the lo-rez bricks in the last part of the level. That’s an example of the placeholder tiles I’ve decided to use for level drafting so that any friendly artists can play catch up with real assets.

I also got the death menu screen working, so you can exit to the title, restart from the last save, etc., but that doesn’t make for a very interesting video. Hopefully I’ll have a working draft of the robot sentry mini boss in short order.

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