What a difference artistic ability makes

I’ve been corresponding with a couple fine gentlemen who answered the call for pixel artists, and I’m completely blown away how they have stepped up to the challenge. Between the two of them they have basically redrawn the tiles for the entire game — and I haven’t even found a home for some of Kyle’s cave tiles yet. Take a tour of the newly spruced up ship and planet surface:

It looks like a completely new game. It’s kind of unbelievable what a difference a little quality time with some artists makes. I never thought I would get such high quality work from volunteers! Thanks a ton, contributors!

I also filled in the bottom surface of the ship, and you can see how it settled into the rocky terrain when it crash landed.

Tomorrow I’m going on a two-week trip to Seoul and Indonesia, so except for long plane rides I’ll be out of touch with game work. Let’s hope I can get a few updates in on the road!

5 thoughts on “What a difference artistic ability makes

  1. Thanks, and really like the blending of the two sets… Looks surprisingly good.

    I said I was going to bring my PC with me to the beach but I didn’t, so unfortunately I didn’t get a damn thing done on my game or yours. Fortunately I got back tonight, so it’s time to hit the grindstone.

    Before I left I watched a bunch of Super Metroid videos on YouTube. That game really sets the bar, no? I couldn’t believe the variety of environmental tilesets that game uses and how well they’re done. I played the game a bit but didn’t get too deep into it. In any case, that’s my inspiration (that and the NES version which I did play to death) for the time being.

    • Yeah, I agree that things are looking pretty great so far! I hope I can move fast enough to keep you and Kyle interested!

      Super Metroid is my favorite game of all time, and certain aspects of the game, especially the map and room structure (and inter-room transitions) are very heavily influenced by it. You should really play it! It’s available on the virtual console for Wii, I think.

  2. I don’t believe in gods or fate, but this is kinda weird. I’ve been playing games since the Intellivision/Atari/Coleco and programming games since I was 13. Since getting a copy of the Sierra Lounge cassette tape showing off the Ad-Lib and Roland MT-32 I not only wanted to make games, but compose game music. During high school and for a few years after I wrote seventy-something pieces, mostly inspired by various games and film soundtracks. I wrote one song that was inspired by this song from Super Metroid:


    It was originally composed for a Roland SC-88.

    I lost all my songs long ago to a hard drive crash, but recently got them back from an old friend who’d kept a backup on CD (perhaps gods do exist). I spent a few hours today finding suitable SF2 instrument samples and remixing the song in LMMS:


    Let me know if you think it’s suitable for a cave somewhere. Also–and I don’t know how good you are at finding analogies between songs or dissecting music in general–let me know if you get the relationship between the Super Metroid song and this one. The relationship is pretty loose, but it’s there. Mine’s got a little more Seiken Densetsu 2 flair to it.

    • Hey, this is pretty good! I finally got around to downloading and listening to it — been dealing with a death in the family for the last couple weeks. I like what I hear! If you’re OK with donating it to the game’s soundtrack, I think there’s a place for it in one of the world areas.

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