Dialog rampage

Today I went on a serious tear, dialog-wise, and wrote all the dialog for the prologue of the game. The resulting video footage of the first “cutscene” of the game makes for truly terrible watching — I’m advancing the dialog too fast for you to actually read, but still slow enough to take forever. The video does give you an idea of how the cutscene plays out, though, with colors standing in for the characters’ names.

If you want to read the actual dialog you can find the source here and here.

There’s quite a bit of dialog, actually. This is something that vaguely concerns me, the idea that I’m turning off some players who will be all like “WTF, reading?! I’m gonna go outside and better myself.” I’ve thought about this, and I’ve determined that I’m basically OK with that. What’s the point of a money-sucking passion project if you can’t act like a complete prima donna and alienate a ton of your potential audience?

In all seriousness, this is probably over a third of the dialog for the entire game as I have it planned now. For some reason, the characters on the ship loom large in my mind, and it seemed important to establish who they were so you know who you’re saving from certain space madness. You will barely talk with them for the rest of the game, unless you head back to the ship for some reason. But they will be there to make half-witty conversation if you do!

Next up, I need to finally tackle the save system. This ought to be interesting.

4 thoughts on “Dialog rampage

  1. Yeah the dialogue definitely goes by way too fast. If you are catering towards people who actually take the time to explore your world and characters why not add some proper delay in there or give the player the option to move the dialogue forward at their own speed?

  2. The dialog only moves when you press a button. I was just pressing the buttons really fast during the demo because the video would be giant otherwise (and I’m too lazy to re-encode before I upload).

    This is definitely a game about exploration, but I’m not sure that means dialog for everyone. I always like dialog in games (well written, anyway) but I know not everyone shares my view.

  3. After I did a demo of AV on Twitch, people basically flipped their lid at the amount of dialogue in the opening cutscene – which was shorter and scrolled faster than, say, Super Metroid, Ninja Gaiden, or the like. I’m hoping to implement a radio screen or something that will be like your ship, providing dialogue for anyone who’s curious.

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