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Calling this game a one-man indie metroidvania isn’t quite accurate, since I never intended to compose the music on my own. For that, I have a whole stable of talented musician friends who are eager to contribute their talents. I thought it might be a good time to showcase what they’ve offered up so far.

First up is “The Easy Room” by Roark Brewster. I’m not sure where this will get used in the game or if it will, but it was composed for that purpose. I think we originally intended this to be the background music for the ship. Who knows; it might find new life at some junction.

The Easy Room

Next we have “San Francisco” by my brother-in-law, Max Cheswick. A cleaned-up, looping version of this will the be background music whenever you’re on the ship.

San Francisco

Max also contributed this great atmospheric track (as yet untitled) for exploring the surface of the moon:

Exploration (working title)

Finally, Roark came through with a catchy guitar and synth tune he calls “Spur.” It’s a bit too lighthearted for most of the game, so right now I’m planning on using it for the title screen and final credits. Although, to be perfectly honest, I like this track enough that I’m considering coming up with an area of the game that would match its mood — music-first game design, I guess.


Which one do you like the most? Think one of them would work best in some particular game environment? Think you can do better? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Musical showcase

  1. This is actually much better than the random music I usually stumble on. Sounds perfect for a metroidvania. I like Exploration (working title) the most but they are all choice. I’d say the only criticism is to know when to not have a drum track (although I’m no professional). Keep up the good work.

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