Shut the door on your way out

Up until now it was kind of hard to jump up through a vertical doorway, since you would need to angle your jump to land on the solid ground on either side of the door itself. Now doors will sense when you’re no longer occupying their space and close automatically so that you can land on top of them. Take a look.

I’m a bit torn on how to best implement doors in general. As always, I ask myself “what would Super Metroid do?” Well, in Super Metroid the doors don’t really exist in the game world space, as such. When you enter one, you lose control as you are ushered through, and you appear on the opposite side with your beginning momentum preserved, just as if you had been teleported through the space the door occupies.

I kind of like having to actually walk through the doors in my game, but I am a bit concerned that players will become frustrated trying to jump up through vertical passageways, only to lack sufficient momentum and fall back through the doorway, as I do in the end of the above demo video. But I guess that’s a problem for alpha testing to reveal.

2 thoughts on “Shut the door on your way out

  1. Why not give the doors a boost effect? Then the door would work like a week version of the speed boosts from old racing games, propelling them through the doorway. That might solve your problem. Of course, it might also create another (potentially thrusting the player into combat they’re not ready for) You could probably find a happy medium, or even replace their momentum entirely and just give them enough boost to be “sucked” up through the portal and land back on the door. Dropping through a door, of course, wouldn’t need this at all. You’d just have to implement it in the up direction (sorta like being sucked through a transport tube, see: Futurama) Just some random thoughts for you.

    • Yeah, I have been thinking along similar lines. As much as I would like to take a hands-off approach, I think trying to jump up through a door and failing will be just too frustrating. There’s also the issue of the margins of the screen being clipped when played on an HDTV, something I haven’t tested extensively yet.

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