Fine tuning shot placement

You may have noticed in past development videos that bullets didn’t appear to come exactly out of the player’s gun. That’s because I just got it roughly accurate (within half a tile width) and called it good enough. But now that I’m making enemies and environments relatively rapidly, it’s beginning to be important that the height of shots match up to their final production values.

To determine how much the shots needed to be nudged for each character pose, I used the run-time parameter adjustment mechanism I created a few months ago to manually position the bullets as they are created. Here’s what that looks like:

I actually resorted to pen and paper to make notes about how far in the X and Y directions the bullets needed adjusting from their present locations for each pose: standing, kneeling, and jumping / falling. In addition to slowing the bullets way down so I could see what was happening, I paused and advanced the game one frame at a time so that I could observe small details when in motion.

Spraying in all directions

The final result, with the bullets still moving at a snail’s pace, looks like this:

The shots are drawn in front of the player at the moment for ease of testing (and because I’m too lazy to change it), but that’s a simple fix. I still need to tweak the walking, jogging and running animations for their own shot placement, but that’s work for another day.

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