Watch for falling critters

I implemented the simplifications that I talked about yesterday. The change was more difficult than I had in mind, like usual, but ended up being much easier to understand for when I inevitably go back to make further modifications. I made one major one today: the pill bugs will now fall off of any terrain that gets destroyed out from underneath them. Take a look.

I kind of like their little legs waving helplessly in the air. I also might make them roll onto their backs when they fall onto their sides, since that’s what it looks like should happen. In the game’s physics model, the enemies are represented by rectangular shapes, not a semi-circle like the artwork suggests, so I’ll need to come up with some clever way to make the rolling look convincing.

You also might have noticed that the foreground tiles (the grass and mushrooms) don’t disappear when the blocks supporting them get destroyed. Oops. Not sure what to do about that at the moment. I’ll have to give it some thought.

I have a big list of bugs and minor improvements written on a legal pad on my desk. At some point I noticed I was adding to it too often, so I renamed it “the stack,” hoping that would make me pop items off of it, but so far no dice. In the two days I have left to work before Burning Man (and then the return to corporate wage slavery), I think I’m going to cross as many items off that list (or stack) as I can.

2 thoughts on “Watch for falling critters

  1. Props for taking on this game as a solo dev! The blog has been a fun read (I’ve read each of your installments), and the progress you’ve made is pretty darn impressive. Let me know if you need any help testing/fixing this beast. -Matt

    • Thanks, Matt! The goal is to have an alpha build out by Christmas so people can start play-testing it. Make sure to follow me on twitter to catch announcements not featured on the blog!

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