The obligatory contour-following enemy

I implemented a beetle enemy that clings to the terrain and follows it in a circular pattern.

Long-time readers will remember this little guy, whom I plagiarized pretty heavily in early alpha builds of the game.

On close inspection, this thing looks terrible. Pixel artists were very lenient with themselves in the 80s. I guess when you’re working with a 16 by 16 canvas, something has to give.

I always intended to have a wall-hugger enemy like this one from the original Metroid; it just wouldn’t feel right not to include one. Mine is kind of a beetle thing. You can see him in action here:

The cornering doesn’t quite work right, mostly because I’m pivoting around the center of mass, rather than the actual pivot point against the corner of the terrain. It was much too hot in my attic office this afternoon to want to do the trigonometry to implement it correctly, so I left it alone for now. I’m also considering just making the creature instantly transition from one orientation to the next when it rounds a corner, without any intermediate rotation. I’ll have to play with it a bit to see what feels right.

I painstakingly animated his little millipede legs to shuffle him along the ground, but they’re basically invisible in the game. I’m still having an incredibly difficult time drawing pixel art, seeing as I don’t know how, at all, but I’m learning. Slowly.

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