NPCs and conversation

One-sided conversation for the time being. I don’t think I want a silent protagonist, but that has worked pretty well for a lot of games…

Dialogue won’t be a huge part of the game, but it will play an important role in plot exposition at key points, as well as being a source of humor and secrets.

As you can see, when you get close enough to the NPC, you get a context-sensitive action pop up above their head. Then any button will advance the dialogue.

For now the NPC is a copy of the main character without his weapon. Farther down the road, I’m going to have a casting call among my friends to do some motion capture to get some diversity in shape and size among the NPCs.

The font is called November, and it’s one of a bunch of free pixely fonts I have my eye on. I’m still thinking about whether I want each NPC to speak with a different font, or just a different color. It’s probably something I’ll have to play around with to see if I like.

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