Missiles and a frivolous death animation

I implemented the basic missile weapon, which does five times as much damage as a normal shot and can destroy tiles that the normal shot cannot:

Then I decided to do something a little more interesting algorithmically and implemented a cool “shatter” animation for when enemies die:

On a more personal note, we recently lost another chicken to a neighborhood raccoon. It couldn’t get into the coop, but reached through the wire, grabbed the bird by the neck, and decapitated it trying to pull it through the chicken wire, leaving its headless corpse inside the coop. Honestly, I never suspected backyard chicken raising would be this gruesome. R.I.P. Carrie.

I picked up two new pullets from the grange to give Charlotte some company, but they’re not getting along very well. I’m sure the much older hen will eventually accept Ygritte and Buffy as her sisters, but she’s being a terrible bully right now.

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