Back from vacation with health status bar

I was on the east side of the state and out of internet range, mostly doing the best water skiing of my life and eating amazing food — one night we made an apple pie with a woven bacon top (pics forthcoming). But I’m back now, and ready to get back to serious work.

To start, I’ve gotten basic health display and health pickups working:

Eventually the health overlay will be the same color as the main character, which 1) not be bright green, and 2) change when using various equipment in ways I’m not sure of yet. It also seems like it needs to stand out from the background quite a bit more, but I’m torn on how to do that, so I’m leaving it alone for now. I’m trying not to fiddle overmuch with any particular aspect of the game once it’s at least working — there will be plenty of time for polish when things are farther along.

I’ve also got a partial implementation of the first alternate weapon, missiles, that I’m waiting to post until I finish it tomorrow. Then it’s on to a couple experimental movement tools, and possibly some enemy destruction effects.

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