The problem with pasting a static torso onto wildly pumping legs

… is that it pretty much looks like that’s what you did. Nevertheless, the moving-while-aiming animations are all produced with this technique. Specifically, I take the torso from the “stand still and aim” animation, then put it onto the legs of the moving animation. This doesn’t lead to initially fantastic results — it looks pretty fake, as a matter of fact. From there it’s a matter of pixel twiddling and subtle effects to get it to look passably natural. One big realism booster is making sure the torso bobs up and down with the cadence of the run. It’s only 4 or 5 pixels of displacement, but little things like that make all the different in the world.

I got the last of the moving-while-aiming animations, eight-way aiming while running, done today. Have a look.

I’m a bit torn on what to work on next. It’s either going to be 1) damage animations, 2) health screen overlays, or 3) a device I’ve been calling the scooter. Time will tell!

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