Aim in all the directions

Some more sprite work and control revisions today, resulting in eight-way aiming when standing, ducking, or in the air. You still can only aim straight forward when moving on the ground; I’m not sure if I’ll change that or not at this stage. I’m considering it a “nice to have” for the time being. Here’s what all the wonderful sprites look like:

Although you can’t really tell from the video footage, one major change in this version is that aiming can be accomplished with the right control stick. This is especially important to enable ducking and aiming at the same time. But since it’s awkward to use the right stick and a face-plate button (A,B,X,Y) at the same time, the left stick can still be used to aim when appropriate — this makes it much easier to aim straight up or down when jumping, which will be relatively common. Also in this build, firing weapons is remapped to the right trigger and right bumper. Long term, the two bumpers and the Y button will probably be assignable quick-equip buttons, and the right trigger will be how you fire the currently equipped weapon.

Tomorrow I’ll finally be fine-tuning the controls in preparation for experimenting with new weapons and game mechanics.

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