Animation continues

I got three gun-holding animations converted to sprites and integrated today:

I also played around with support for parallax-shifted backdrops. The pine needles are a little big for the scale of this world — it’s just a test to see how it looks.

What remains to be done on the animation front:

  • Tweak the speed triggers — right now it’s possible to jog at a ludicrously slow pace.
  • Map suitable transitions from each animation to each other, so that it always appear smooth when going from one to the other
  • Change jumping animation to hold a gun
  • Sprite work for gun aiming
  • Merge gun aiming into other animations as necessary

I’m not sure if I’ll support aiming diagonally while running or walking — it might be more trouble than it’s worth. It seems like forcing the player to stop moving in order to aim up or down isn’t the end of the world. We’ll see how much work the alternative is.

I’m pretty happy with how the animations have turned out so far. An artistic style to match them is slowly crystallizing in my brain.

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