Live footage test of motion capture

I told Roark to come over wearing all black, or at the very least dark clothing. He showed up in faded jeans. But that was good enough to provide proof of concept for my de-rezzing motion capture program. Here he is going through a couple test motions:

You can tell that the jeans just aren’t dark enough to provide a good contrast against the backdrop — if I crank the brightness threshold up far enough for them to get colored in, we start to pick up other elements of the scene as well. For actual game animation footage, we determined he needs to be wearing something like a black unitard (ideally) on a nice bright white background, preferably on an overcast day to avoid any sharp shadows. That will give me the pixelated humanoid character, which I can then paint like a coloring book into whatever outfits I want, adding in things like guns and helmets in post production. We’re scheduled to shoot next Thursday, so with any luck I should have the basic running, jumping, and ducking animations to show off some time in early July.

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